Top Associations Every Economist Should Join


Professional membership organizations are valuable for career development and even for job seekers. They provide access to free publications and a wealth of other resources, the platform to network and make valuable contacts, and an avenue to showcase your research work to peers. We highlight three membership organizations that seek to further the economics discipline as well as professionals in the field.

  1. Nigerian Economic Society

If you are looking to meet fellow economists, examine and discuss relevant economic and social issues, and play a part in Nigeria’s economic process, then the Nigerian Economic Society (NES) is for you. With over 2,700 members, NES is a membership organization for Nigerian (and non-Nigerian) economists and allied social scientists. The Society which was established in 1958 organizes three main events annually – a One-Day Seminar, a Public Lecture, and an Annual Conference. These events provide the opportunity to engage with fellow economists, the private sector, and the government on cutting-edge research as well as economic issues of national and global importance. A few of the many perks of being a member of the NES is the possibility of presenting your research work to hundreds of people at the Annual Conference and gaining access to NES journals. The next Public Lecture holds on 19 April, 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria.

  1. Nigerian Association of Energy Economics

The Nigerian Association of Energy Economics (NAEE) is the Nigerian affiliate of the International Association of Energy Economics (IAEE) which is present in over 70 countries worldwide. Established in 2006, NAEE promotes ideas, knowledge and discussions on energy economics to provide a better understanding of energy issues and shape Nigeria’s energy policies. The organization which has over 450 members offers its members the opportunity to network with professionals, grow their careers and present their research study at its conference. The next NAEE/IAEE International Conference holds from 22-24 April, 2018 in Abuja, Nigeria.

  1. Econometric Society Africa Region

The Econometric Society Africa Region is the membership organization for economists with a knack for econometrics. Being a member provides you with access to the journals of the Econometric Society and Econometrica (an academic journal focused on econometrics) as well as the opportunity to present papers at its annual conference. The Econometric Society’s annual conference is popular for bringing together globally recognized economists like Tim Besley of the London School of Economics (LSE) and Richard Blundell of University College London (UCL). The next Africa Meeting of the Econometric Society holds from 12-14 July, 2018 in Cotonou, Benin.

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